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About Us

Trending Business Advisors emerged in 2021 with the goal of providing comprehensive consulting solutions that cover all angles of the needs of global or national companies established in our country.

Since the pandemic, both national and international companies have been open to exploring new and fresh consulting options. They seek services delivered by professionals with extensive experience, addressing more specific needs while providing personalized and immediate customer attention, with accessible costs and exceptional quality.

Trending Business Advisors is composed by a group of professionals with extensive corporate experience who, over time, have successfully implemented Best Corporate Practices for companies in need.
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We enjoy listening to our clients, understanding their needs, being empathetic, and providing personalized customer attention. We invest a significant amount of time in this aspect because we recognize that the consulting business model has evolved.

We understand that corporate issues do not affect just one area. Therefore, we identify all involved areas and solve problems comprehensively, propelling our clients toward excellence and profitability with tangible and cost-effective solutions in an ever-evolving business world.

To learn more about what we can do for your company, we invite you to meet our consultants. Each possesses a solid professional experience in their field, and we are confident that we can address whatever your company needs.

How We Think

Corporate Mission

To create more efficient and profitable businesses through the implementation of tangible solutions provided by experts dedicated to driving organizational excellence.

Our Values


We value honesty and ethics in all our dealings and decisions. When advising our clients with integrity, we ensure that all our actions align with the highest standards of honesty and transparency.


Reliability is the cornerstone of our approach in every project and commitment we undertake. We deliver consistent and predictable results so that our clients know we are always by their side.

Customer Service

The clients are the center of all our actions. We are committed to exceeding their expectations in every interaction. We work tirelessly to provide personalized solutions that add value to their businesses.
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We work hand in hand with our clients, understanding their challenges and goals as if they were our own. We firmly believe in collaborative work to grow and innovate, doing so both with our clients and our collaborators.


We are passionate about what we do. Staying updated with the latest trends, we approach each challenge from different angles that foster innovative and transformative thinking to support our clients in achieving their goals.

Our Team

Imagen - Ariane Enríquez

Ariane Enríquez

Specialist in Compliance
& Anti-Money Laundering Prevention

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Imagen - Belem Alvarez

Belem Alvarez

Accounting Specialist

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Imagen - Belén Arteaga

Belén Arteaga

Sales & Webinars

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Imagen - Carolina Corona

Carolina Corona

International Relations Specialist

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Imagen - Enrique Ventura

Enrique Ventura

Accounting Specialist

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Imagen - Javier Juárez

Javier Juárez

Human Resources Specialist

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Imagen - Jazmín Arias

Jazmín Arias

Payroll Management Specialist

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Imagen - Jonatan Santamaría

Jonatan Santamaría

Especialista en Nóminas

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Imagen - Jorge Paniagua

Jorge Paniagua


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Imagen - Karla Hernández

Karla Hernández

Marketing Specialist

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Imagen - Luz María García Martínez

Luz García

Accounting Specialist

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Imagen - Nicolasa Santoyo

Nicolasa Santoyo

Accounting Specialist

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Imagen - Paulina de la Torre

Paulina de la Torre

Intangible Assets Specialist

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Imagen - Roberto Téllez

Roberto Téllez

Forensic Audit Services

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Imagen - Yessenia de la Cruz

Yessenia de la Cruz

Accounting Specialist

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