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Transfer Pricing

Our solutions in the field of transfer pricing include:
  • Consultancy for proper compliance with tax obligations.
  • Preparation of compliance reports in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Law regarding transfer pricing.
  • Current situation analysis, price strategic planning and agreed compensation packages between parties.
  • Consultancy to define and formulate policies and institutional procedures related to transfer pricing.
  • Assistance in completing the annexes and the questionnaire of the Fiscal Opinion, as well as the sections of the Informative on Fiscal Situation regarding transfer pricing.
  • Consultancy in completing the Multiple Informative Declaration regarding operations with related parties residing in national and foreign territory.
  • Assistance in drafting contracts between related parties.
  • Preliminary and preventive analysis of operations to be carried out between related parties to assess their reasonability and its proper implementation.
  • In case the taxpayer decides to use their own resource, we provide support in the identification of comparable.
  • Valuation of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Valuation of companies using various financial approaches.
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of informative transfer pricing declarations related to Article 76-A of the Income Tax Law.


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