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Organizational Development

We optimize your company's talent management for sustainable growth. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions designed to assist you with:

Strategic planning

  • Organizational structure
  • Compensation strategies
  • Job profiles and descriptions
  • Position valuation
  • Salary scales
  • Procedures, policies, and regulations
  • Evaluation and performance
  • Development of indicators
  • REPSE (Social Employer Registry)
  • NOM-035 and 037 compliance

Transformation and culture implementation

  • Diagnostics
  • Consulting
  • Action plans
  • Changes evaluation

Talent Attraction and Selection

  • Alignment of profiles and strategies
  • Attraction of qualified profiles
  • Labor market management
  • Skills assessment

Leadership evaluation

  • Position/person profiling
  • Job competencies assessment
  • Technical skills assessment
  • Compensation alignment


Imagen - Javier Juárez

Javier Juárez

Accounting Specialist