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Intangible Assets

What are intangible assets?

Intangible assets are the goods or resources that every company possesses, ranging from a brand, patent, contract to an industrial process. If managed properly, these assets are of significant value to organizations.

What benefits can I obtain by managing my intangibles assets?

  • Stock Value appreciation.
  • Stand out among competitors.
  • Secure bank financing facilitating the company's expansion.
  • Reduction in tax payments.
  • Earn royalties.
  • Achieve the best merger or acquisition agreement.
  • Avoid family conflicts when inheriting or transferring control of the company.

Our solutions include:

  • Identification of Intangible Assets.
  • Registration and Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • Feasibility Studies for Valuation.
  • Intangible Asset Value estimation.
  • Comprehensive Valuation of Intangible Assets.
  • Implementation Strategies for Intangible Asset Value.
  • Asset Value Updates.
  • Analysis, remediation, and implementation of best practices for value creation.


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Paulina de la Torre

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