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Karla Hernández

Marketing Specialist

Personal Information

Responsible, committed, and with a great capacity for learning. Currently, I am a student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Relations, motivated to actively develop in the commercial and communication areas, implementing optimal and innovative alternatives I delved into key areas such as sales, market research, analytical and direct marketing, integrated communication, and public relations.

Work Experience

  • January to July 2023: Collaborated with the Akron brand and Club Deportivo Guadalajara for academic purposes, conducting a brand activation and managing social networks through metrics analysis.
  • August to December 2023: Developed a comprehensive communication plan for a civil association focused on helping children with hearing loss.
  • Currently: Social service at the Instituto de la Juventud de la Ciudad de México, in charge of the content grid, guidelines, and analysis of metrics for their social media.

Additional training

  • Diploma in Financial Education - CONDUSEF
  • Training on the LABSAG Business Simulator (MARKESTRATED) for strategic decision-making

Technical skills

  • Graphic and Audiovisual Material Development Skilled in utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Audition, and Premiere.

Personal skills

  • Collaborative spirit
  • Initiative and decision-making
  • Strategic thinking
  • Effective Communication


To continue developing in the commercial and communication areas, implementing innovative and efficient strategies that contribute to the growth and success of the organizations which I collaborate.